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People with their characters, emotions, actions and developments play a central role in every film, including Run Lola Run. An important analytical approach to any film is thus an examination of the characters, because without actors there would be no story to tell. If you look at the ensemble of characters in a film, you can first distinguish between main and secondary characters. The characters in the ensemble of characters in a film are all related to each other in one way or another. Some relationships are close, like those between the main characters, some are very fleeting.

The phrase “character map” is used to describe the network of relationships in which the characters in a film or literary work come together. This network is fundamental to how the plot develops and how conflicts arise. Often, the constellation of characters creates points of friction, likes and dislikes, which shape the plot as the film progresses.

The character map thus records all the social relationships (friendships, hostilities, kinship) between the characters. At the centre of the map are the main characters (protagonists and possibly opponents (= antagonists)), surrounded by other characters who carry the plot. Main characters typically have a wide range of personality traits and often undergo a transformation during the course of the plot. The main characters are accompanied by a number of secondary characters who play a more or less important role in the progress of the story. The secondary characters are found who have the least influence on the plot are found at the periphery of the map.

Task 1

  1. Create the character map in Run Lola Run.
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2nd run
3rd run
Note cards
  1. Explain any problems you may have encountered when creating the character map for Run Lola Run. What can these problems indicate about the film's belonging to certain film genres?