Causal relationships, plot

Reconstruct the sequences and causal relationships of events in film action

Lola passes the same places in the 3 runs and meets the same characters again and again – but each time the meeting is clearly different in a number of ways. However, although the structure of the film is easy to grasp in principle, it is not so easy to explain the details of the different runs that appear in the film.

This unit is a kind of toolbox and gives you the opportunity to identify and visualise elements of the plot as well as drawing conclusions about the story and the cause-effect chain for the 3 runs. You don't have to deal with all aspects of the 3 runs at the same time.

Lola and some of the characters also collide with different vehicles in different ways. The encounters with the various characters and the collisions always have a (slightly) different outcome, which has a dramatic effect on the course of the following action and thus on the eventual end of each run’s story.

For example, you can study the role of the white cars in the 3 runs. To do this, you can choose the corresponding vehicles and the characters you consider to be associated with them to the workspace. You will also see the 3 main venues where action takes place – the supermarket, the casino and the bank. With the Lola icons for the 3 runs and arrows as well as note cards, you can map and comment on the interactions with the white cars.

Also in this unit you can create your own questions or work in groups and then present the results to your class.
Stuck for an idea? Here are some possible questions you could ask:

  • Take one of the runs: Who does Lola meet? In what order does she meet them and where?
  • Where do Lola and Manni meet the Tramp (Norbert von Au)?
  • In which of the 3 runs does Ronnie show up and what is his significance for the action?
  • How does Lola's mother behave in the 3 runs, and what are the consequences of each behaviour?
  • Does the man with the scooter appear in all 3 runs? If so, how does he influence the course of action?
  • Lola’s meeting with the nuns leads to …?
  • When does Lola meet with Mr Meyer and what are the consequences?
  • ...

Task 1

  1. Create your own question for one of the runs and then design a visual representation in the workspace below of the cause and effect structure of the story.